Sea Shell

I have been trying  to replicate the Scallop Sea-Shell pattern for a while. I was able to write a radial function which looks almost similar to the Scallop. There are both 3-D and 2-D versions of the Scallop.

A Scallop Seashell  looks like this

A Scallop Seashell

2-D Plot of the shell

Seashell 1Seashell 2

A synthesis of the above two images is shown below.

Seashell 3

3-D Plot of the shell

I have rotated the 3-D image to the optimal viewing angle before saving its projection as the 2-D image.This is 3-D but only a wired image. I am trying to plot a 3-D surface. I will update this post when I write the function for it.

Scallop Shell 3-D

One thought on “Sea Shell

  1. So you are heading towards mathematical geometry. I cant say anything about this it is just incredible. Go ahed..
    This could be a way to teach students mathematics and computer with innovation. You are simply gr8 man.


    GOOD luck

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