Sun, Clouds and the Noise that led to them

I have posted more than one posts related to clouds and similar settings. They have been done using the method of random walk where the coordinates are computed before the points are assigned to them. Although they were fairly decent, one thing was very apparent in all of them. The zoomed images clearly revealed the individual points that formed the bigger picture. That could have been avoided by intentionally blurring the images (Mathematica has an inbuilt function for it).

I was searching for the methods to create clouds. I have found very well explained tutorials HERE and HERE. There you can find the complete methodology employed. In a nutshell, what has been done is generation of fractal noise.  The original creator – Ken Perlin  was awarded the Academy Award for Technical Achievement in the year 1997 for his contributions to the field of visual effects.

After reading the tutorial I have decided to do a mathematica version of it. The Clouds  and the Sun have been done with the help of the tutorial. The flares of the Sun although explained were done in a separate package by them. So, I have written a function of my own for the flares.

Note: The Zoomed images might show the flares are not done well. I must say that the reason for that is not an error of the function but due to the lack of a faster computing speed. The sampling was deliberately controlled and hence the squares.

1. The Clouds

Clouds 2 Clouds 4 Clouds 5

Clouds 6

Clouds 8Clouds 9

Clouds 12

2. Application to the Moon

Moon Noise 3 Moon Noise 2

3. The Sun

a. Sun without flares

Sun No Flares

b. Sun with flares

Sun with Flares

c. Sun with flares and Clouds

The Sun Final

Since I have just begun this, they might not be of a very good quality. I hope to improvise and innovate over time.

Please do comment. Feedback helps.

The References:

  1. Cloud Cover
  2. Perlin Noise















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